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Belarus Purchase of Credit Decision Making Software Non-exclusive Use Rights (Credit Decision Making Software License (s) For Legal Entities And Individual Entrepreneurs
Estimated cost : 743431
26 Jan 2021 View
Belarus Mobile Concrete Pump On Chassis Mobile Concrete Pump On Chassis
Estimated cost : 299047
29 Jan 2021 View
Lithuania Jira Confluence And Their Plugin Software Licenses And Related Services 25 Jan 2021 View
Macedonia Software Maintenance And Upgrade 22 Jan 2021 View
Macedonia Procurement Of Services For Maintenance Of Integrated Software Package For Operation In Public Utility Companies 22 Jan 2021 View
Germany Development Of A Software Simulation For A Solar-Powered Paper Processing Plant 28 Jan 2021 View
Germany Integration Of A Communication App Into The Klido Web Application Of The Probation And Judicial Assistance Baden-Württemberg 25 Feb 2021 View
Germany Mobile Security Service For Public Communal Accommodation In Lower Bavaria 15 Feb 2021 View
Germany Editing And Design Of The Website Www.Sachsen.De 12 Feb 2021 View
Germany Cash Register System Including Software Maintenance For The Administration And Sale Of An Unlimited Number Of Articles And Services And The Necessary Cash Register Hardware 15 Feb 2021 View
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