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Belarus Choosing an Organization for the Provision of Transport Forwarding Services: Transportation And Forwarding Chlorine Paraffin Hp-470 MA Along Route G Volgograd Russia - G Lida RB
Estimated cost : 86719
04 Feb 2021 View
Belarus Purchase of Semi-Trailers-Tanks (Bitumen Carriers) Semi-Trailers-Tanks Designed for Transportation of Bitume
Estimated cost : 211500
26 Jan 2021 View
Belarus Purchase of road transport services delivery of fuel briquettes by road from OJSC "Peat enterprise Dneprovskoe" (DGodylevo UlGasana D12 Bykhovsky District of the Mogilev Region) to the Warehouse of the Branch "Chaussky Raitopsbyt" (G Chausyva Ul.
Estimated cost : 50947
21 Jan 2021 View
Belarus Purchase "Drinking Water Juices And Nectars" Bottled Drinking Water Still Allowed Drinking Water Drinking Water For Baby Food Does not contain sugar sweeteners flavors colorants and other food substances with the exception of mineral salts added as a source of anion cation Packaged in consumer conta
Estimated cost : 84550
25 Jan 2021 View
Latvia Plant Transportation Services Lvm Seeds And Seedlings For Nurseries For Spring - Autumn Season 2021 Ii.1.2) 09 Feb 2021 View
Macedonia Transportation Of Students 22 Jan 2021 View
Germany Individual Transport For Pupils 2021 Until The End Of The School Year 2024/2025 15 Feb 2021 View
Germany Transport Of Various Recyclable Material And Waste Fractions With Tractor Units And Dump Trailers Or Moving Floor Trailers 15 Feb 2021 View
Belarus Transport Services For The Delivery Of Ready Meals
Estimated cost : 900000
21 Jan 2021 View
Belarus Vokb 05/21 Ea "Transportation Of Radiopharmaceuticals"
Estimated cost : 2076900
22 Jan 2021 View
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