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Country Summary Deadline
Belarus Tenders Are Invited For Vitmt ? 100/20-Ea Lots ? 1-2 "Oilcloth Lining Rubber-Fabric, Oilcloth Polyvinylchloride"
Estimated cost : 11643500
16 Jul 2020 View
Slovakia Machinery for Working Rubber or Plastics 14 Aug 2020 View
Slovakia Machine Tools for Working Wood, Bone, Cork, Hard Rubber or Hard Plastics 30 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine Medical Materials (Nk 024: 2019: 47588 Vacuum Test Tube for Blood Sampling Ivd, With K3edta, 58232 Roll Cotton, Non-Sterile,: 48125 Roll Gauze, Non-Sterile, 35212 Spinal Needle, Disposable, 45000 Set for Imposing / Removing44 Rubber Dam, 35 on the Upper / Lower Extremity, Reusable, 40601 Peripheral Vascular Catheter, 61938 Set of Clothes Surgical / Review, 58986 Adhesive Plaster Universal, Non-Sterile, 12557 Mask for Oxygen Therapy, 34903 Cannula for Nasal Sinuses, Non-Sterile, Non-Sterile, 440 Contains Medicines, 11239 Diaper for Adults, 44835 Solution for Sterilization of Medical Instruments on the Basis of Hydrogen Peroxide, 60709 the Diaper Absorbs, 60857 Gloves Surgical Polymeric-Composite, Not Powdered, 16754 Paper for Registration of Electrocardiograms, 46989 Troponin I Immunoro Analysis -Analysis, 59040 Syringe for Drug Administration Oral / Enteral Nutrition, Disposable, 47017 General Purpose Syringe, Single Use,
Estimated cost : 48200
17 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine Rubber-Technical Products
Estimated cost : 3809682
03 Aug 2020 View
Ukraine Dk 021: 2015 33140000-3 Medical Materials (Medical Mask with Rubber Loops, Gloves Nitrile Non-Sterile)
Estimated cost : 82000
17 Jul 2020 View
Belarus Tenders are invited for MT 385/20-PEA Medical underlay (rubber fabric) for ultrasound in the Gomel region" 06 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine "Lifting and Transporting Equipment, Code 42410000-3 According to Dk 021: 2015 (Handrail Rubber-Reinforced)
Estimated cost : 7672586
03 Aug 2020 View
Ukraine Footwear Other than Sports and Protective Footwear (Safety Shoes Galoshes Rubber Boots)
Estimated cost : 1180386
07 Aug 2020 View
Ukraine Dk 021: 2015 - 34940000-8 Railway Equipment (Laying Rubber Underrail for Rail Tracks Pr)
Estimated cost : 1302000
13 Jul 2020 View


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