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Country Summary Deadline
France Recurring Works Of Paints, Flexible Floors (Pvc And Textile), On The Sites Of Auzeville, Saint Martin Du Touch, Langlade And Gardouch Of The Center Inrae Occitanie-Toulouse 24 Jul 2020 View
Belgium Textile Household Articles 03 Aug 2020 View
Germany Textile Wall Coverings 31 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine Dk 021: 2015 33140000-3 Medical Materials (61937 Surgical Shoe Covers 48126 Gauze Medical Non-Sterile Bandage 48127 Gauze Medical Bandage Sterile 58234 Cotton Tape 34923 Catheter of Aspiration System General Purpose 17471 Surgical Thread 38000 Polyglactine 13908 Surgical Polypropylene Thread 15321-Non-Sterile Connecting Gel 33056 Material for Plaster Bandaging 32357 Suture Needle Reusable 35212 Spinal Needle Disposable 32361 Suture Needle Reusable 32360 45806-Multifunctional Cardioelectrode for Adults 14202 Gastrointestinal Tube 10678 Catheter for Introduction 62316 Trocar Tora Kalny 38561 Probe Nasogastric / Orogastral 35362 Indicator Chemical / Physical for Sterilization Control 38501 12161catheter under Clavicular Venous 10749 Aspiration Tracheal Catheter 40601 Peripheral Vascular Catheter 34917 Internal Urethral Drainage Catheter 13898 Surgical Filament Catgut 59049 - General Purpose Textile Lining Non-Sterile Single 38388 Use Disposable 3465
Estimated cost : 2562600
13 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine Textile Household Articles (39510000-0) (Sheet Type 1)
Estimated cost : 8970000
08 Jul 2020 View
Lithuania Tenders Are Invited For Textile Container Monitoring Systems And Textile Waste Collection Transportation And Disposal Services In The Territory Of Vilnius City Municipality 03 Jul 2020 View
Germany Tenders Are Invited For 81257461-Environmental Component Of The Project Sustainability In The Textile And Leather Sector In Bangladesh 23 Jul 2020 View
Germany Tenders Are Invited For 81257562 - Preparation Of A Textile Incubator In Burkina Faso 16 Jul 2020 View
Germany Textile-Cleaning Services 13 Aug 2020 View
Ukraine Textile Household Articles (39510000-0) (Cotton Waffle Towel)
Estimated cost : 3091200
06 Jul 2020 View


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