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Country Summary Deadline
Belarus Tenders Are Invited For Procedure ? 28/20 For The Purchase Of Medical Devices For The Operating Room (Steel Needles For Osteosynthesis And Skeletal Traction; Wire, Steel Surgical Drills For Osteosynthesis) In The Interests Of The Republican Scientific Center Of Traumatology And Orthopedics (Re-Lots ?? 1-3)
Estimated cost : 644500
14 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine Runway Wires For Pumps
Estimated cost : 169851
16 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine Non-Food Research Services - "Cable And Wire Products"
Estimated cost : 3700
22 Jul 2020 View
United Kingdom FAAM Electrical Fixed Wiring ITT 05 Aug 2020 View
Ukraine Non-Food Research Services - "Cable and Wire Products"
Estimated cost : 3700
22 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine DK 021: 2015: 44330000-2 - Construction Rods, Rods, Wires And Profiles (Reinforcement, Anchor Plate) 20 Jul 2020 View
Germany Museum, Peter-BrĂ¼ning-Platz 1, Replacement Of Wire Glass Doors 21 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine Dk 021: 2015 33140000-3 Medical Materials (Knife for Gypsum Dental, Crown Scissors, Modeling Wax, Modevax Wax, Sticky Dental Wax, Basic Wax, Algoplen, Topcoat, Goya Paste, Poliset Paste, Medical Plaster, Mramorit Gypsum, Plaster , Polishing Powder, Borax, Solder, Gypsum Spatula, Steel Sleeves, Empty Cartridge, Occluder, Opaque Brush, Dental Hammer, Cuvette, Clasp, Disc Holder, Crampon Tongs, Pistol, Orthodontic Wire, Canvas for Hand Saws , Brush, Fluff Brush, Tvs Burs, Imported Teeth, Plastic Teeth, Liquid Forms, Kiss Ducers, Power Chrome, Duceram plus, Acetal, Protacryl, Synma Monochrome, Fluorox with Streaks, Disposable Protective Masks, Gloves, Loafers, Belts Impression, Stopper-Trowel, Dental Probe, Dental Mirror, Handle for Dental Mirror, Dental Excavator, Tweezers, Spatula, Water-Air Gun, Gun Hose, Turbine Tip, Flasks, Pap Articulation, Indicators, Circle, Diamond Discs, Cutters, Speed Base, Stomaflex Gel, Stomaflex Cream, Upin-Premium, Acrodent, Cotton Wool, Plaster, Spray Oil
Estimated cost : 232900
21 Jul 2020 View
Germany Electrical Wiring Work 04 Aug 2020 View
Ukraine Cable and Wiring Products
Estimated cost : 12418924
03 Aug 2020 View


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