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Country Summary Deadline
United States Tenders are invited for Inmate Healthcare Services - Kent County Correctional Facility 31 Jul 2020 View
Chile Tenders Are Invited For In Order To Fulfill Its Healthcare Purpose The Hospital A Self-Managed Network Establishment And According To The Nature Of The Benefits Provided By It To Its Beneficiaries Requires A Timely And Immediate Resolution Of Care Which Cannot Be Deferred Over Time. Which Commits Us To Having The Necessary Services To Adequately Respond To The Demand For Assistance 27 Jul 2020 View
Chile Tenders Are Invited For The Healthcare Complex Requires The Hiring Of Medical Technologist Services For Various Surgeries 06 Jul 2020 View
Chile Tenders Are Invited For These Public Bidding Bases Have The Purpose Of Guaranteeing The Convention For The Provision Of Insurance Services For Ambulances And Other Vehicles For The Hospital Dr. Felix Bulnes Cerda " To Adequately And Efficiently Satisfy Healthcare Work. 06 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine Healthcare Services are Various Urgently)
Estimated cost : 348480
11 Jul 2020 View
United Kingdom Provision For Community Healthcare Services 10 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine Cpv 021:2015 - 85140000-2 Hiv Different Healthcare Services (Prevention Services for Populations at Higher Risk for Hiv Infection - Men Who have Sex with Men (Hereinafter Referred to as Msm) in Dnipropetrovska Oblast
Estimated cost : 1563552
23 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine Healthcare Services (Laboratory Tests of Biological Materials for Acute Phase Markers)
Estimated cost : 167850
07 Jul 2020 View
Germany Administrative Healthcare Services 20 Jul 2020 View
Germany Administrative Healthcare Services 24 Jul 2020 View


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