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Country Summary Deadline
France Repair and Maintenance Services of Medical and Surgical Equipment 01 Sep 2020 View
Ukraine Services in Repair and Maintenance of Medical and Surgical Equipment: Steam Sterilizers Gk-100-3, Air Sterilizer Shss-80, Sterilizer Gp-40, Sterilizer Gpa 560, Automated Diagnostic Complex "Cardio", Lamp Ork-21, Magnetotherapy Device Avmp, Darsonval "Spark", Surgical Device "Nadiya -2", Sterilization Drying Cabinet Shss-80 P, Sterilizer Gp-80-01, Ox-10 Aspirator, Neonatal Device for Phototherapy, Kfk-2 Photoelectrocolorimeter, Kfk-3 Photometer, Opn Centrifuge -3, Irradiator Phototherapeutic Ofp-02, Distiller De-25, Distiller D-10, Vacuum Cleaner "Biomed" 7e-A, Compressor Inhaler "Otron", Amvo-2-Um Device, Aso-2-Um Device, Yucard Electrocardiograph -100 ", Heating Table" Stork ", Ultrasound Therapy Device Uzt-1, Device" Stream ", Neonatal Table" Stork ", Tube Quartz Bop -4, Shadeless Lamp, Device" Stream ", Device" Mit-Ef-2 " , Luch-3 Device, Medical Electric Children's Sucker B-90-199, Electrostimulation Device Tonus 2m, Electric Device "Minivac 8s", Fetal Monitors F-700 with Sensors
Estimated cost : 220000
17 Jul 2020 View
Spain Supply Of Implantable And Surgical Material With The Transfer Of 4 Phacoemulsifiers And 3 Combined Phacoemulsification And Vitrectomy Equipment For Cataract And Vitrectomy Surgeries Of The Centers Of The Integral Health Consortium (Csifuol1815)
Estimated cost : 10054679
29 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine Dk 021: 2015, Code 33160000-9: Equipment for Operating Units (Lot ? 1 - Dk 021: 2015, Code 33162000-3: Equipment and Tools for Operating Units (Nk 024: 2019 44776: Electrosurgical System; 57944 Endoscopic Electrosurgical Tip / Electrode, Bipolar, Disposable (Single-Channel Surgical Generator for Sealing Vessels Complete with Disposable Instruments)); Lot ? 2 - Dk 021: 2015, Code 33168000-5: Endoscopic and Endosurgical Instruments (Nk 024: 2019 35616: Endoscopic Vision System))
Estimated cost : 1112000
16 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine Dk 021: 2015 50420000-5 Services in Repair and Maintenance Service of the Medical and Surgical Equipment (Services in Current Repair and Maintenance of the Automatic Hematologic Analyzer Sysmex K-1000)
Estimated cost : 9650
15 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine Dk 021: 2015 50420000-5 Services in Repair and Maintenance of Medical and Surgical Equipment (Services in Repair and Maintenance of Gamma-Therapeutic Devices "Teragam" "Agat-C" "Agat-Vu")
Estimated cost : 247800
13 Jul 2020 View
China The First Hospital of Jilin University Special Surgical Robot Surgical Equipment Procurement Project 21 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine Supply of Surgical Equipment for the Cardiological Service 15 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine Services in Repair and Maintenance Service of the Medical and Surgical Equipment: The Device of Ivl "Breeze" The Ecg Device Schiller Cardiovit The Ecg Device Ecg 300g The Ecg Device Yukard100 The Ecg Device Yukard-200 The Ecg Device Ek-1t-03 M The Ecg Device Ek 1m-03m Ecg Device with Bioelectrode Ecg Device "Spectrum" Ecg Device Eg-03 Photoelectrocolorimeter Kfk-3 Photoelectrocolorimeter Kfk-2 Spectrophotometer Pv 1251c Centrifuge Laboratory 614b Photometer Mbskop-540 Microlar Vm 33 V Microscope Microscope Binocular Biolam 70 Batcher Pipette Single-Channel "Light"
Estimated cost : 90000
13 Jul 2020 View
Ukraine Repair and Maintenance Services of Medical and Surgical Equipment (Maintenance Services for High-Frequency Surgical Apparatus Mbc 200)
Estimated cost : 49000
13 Jul 2020 View


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