Q What is Bids on time?

Bids on time Notifications is a global/international as well as local/ domestic Tenders web based service that keeps you updated on Tender Notices, RFPs, EOI, Procurement Notices from around the world.

Q What are the sources of tenders?

Bids on time sources the information from various authenticated sources like news papers, magazine, tendering authorities' portals and even tendering authorities send us the information directly for uploading it on our website. Our associates also send us the information of local tenders published in news papers.

Q How often is the tender database updated?

Data is uploaded on a daily basis. Data is collected from various sources.

Q Do I have access to Tender Documents?

1.) We upload Tender Notices/EOI/Pre-Qualifications etc. as advertised/published by the Tendering Authorities.

2.) Some Tendering Authorities publish the Tender Documents.

3.) Some Tendering Authorities give a link to the Tender Documents for downloading.

4.) Some Tendering Authorities charge for the Tender Documents.

Wherever the Tender Documents are not available, you'll have to contact the Tendering Authority/ies for the same.

Q Where can I see sample tender notices?

Contact us for sample notices.

Q How many tender notices' details can I view?

If on a daily basis a person is viewing the details of more than 25 tender notices' then the account automatically gets deactivated temporarily. If login is taking place from more than 1 place (ie if an account is being used by more than 1 person) then the account will get deactivated permanently.

Username and password if for single user.

Q What are the subscription packages you offer?

We have the following packages - http://bidsontime.com/upgrade.php

Q Can I upgrade from free to Full Subscription?

You can upgrade your free subscription to Full subscription anytime.

Q What are the payment options?

We offer different payment options.

You can pay online by Credit Card.

You can do Bank Transfer.