General Queries
Q How many new tenders are published?
There are 35000+ tenders published on all working days.
Q How often the tenders are uploaded on the website?
The tenders are uploaded on all working days.
Q What are the sources of collecting tender information?
We track more than 10000 newspapers, journals and 100000 websites. Our local agents in more than 60 countries also send the tenders published locally. Some organizations publish directly with us.
Q What type of tenders do we upload?
We upload tenders from international, domestic, multi funding, public, autonomous, authenticated private, local and municipal organizations.
Q Does it only include government tenders?
No, it is not only restricted to government tenders, but also public tenders and tenders from some authenticated sources.
Q How can I publish tenders?
Please click on the following link to share your queries regarding the publishing of tenders - https://www.bidsontime.com/contact-us.php
Q Can we export the tenders?
Yes, you can export the tenders in an excel for offline analysis.
Q How can I receive a daily alert on tenders?
Daily alerts are automatically activated.
Q How do I add the multiple users?
You can add users through the Add User Section in your personal dashboard.
Q What services do you offer?
We offer many services that helps businesses to grow and maximize their reach in the global market. Please click on the following link to view all the services and features - https://www.bidsontime.com/services.php
Q Do you assist in bidding?
Our inhouse team and local agents provide complete bid consultancy services as a value added service.
Q How to create an account on Bidsontime?
Please click on the following link to create an account on Bidsontime - https://www.bidsontime.com/signup.php There are no charges involved in creating an account.
Q How can I view details of the tenders?
The details of the tender notices can be viewed after paying the subscription fees.
Q Do you offer free trials?
We do offer free trials to corporate users. Please note that a company can avail a free trial once.
Q Do I have access to Tender Documents?
We provide all information provided by the tendering authorities including the available documents as published by them in their initial advertisements.
Q Do we need to pay for adding/removing keywords from the profile?
No, you don't need to pay additional amount for adding/removing keywords from the profile as modifications are free. You can add as many keywords you want from your preferred sector.
Q What subscription packages do we offer?
We offer three subscription packages to suit the needs of all types of companies - https://www.bidsontime.com/upgrade.php
Q What payment methods do we accept?
We accept the subscription amount through credit cards and bank transfer payments. Direct credit card payment link – https://www.bidsontime.com/upgrade.php For bank transfer details, please contact us at contact@bidsontime.com
Q Can we upgrade monthly subscription to annual subscription in the middle of the subscription period?
Yes, you can upgrade from a monthly subscription to an annual subscription in the middle of the subscription period by paying the balance amount.
Q Do you store credit card/bank transfer details in your database?
No. We don't store credit card/bank transfer details in our database for auto-renewal of subscription.
Q What is the limit of per day download?
You can perform unlimited searches and can view details of 100 tenders per day.
Q What are the refund policies?
Once the account is activated, there will be no refunds.
Q If I cancel my subscription, will I receive a partial refund for the remaining period?
No. If you cancel your subscription in the middle of the subscription period, no receive partial refunds are made.